Dear prospective Grade R Dorie parents for 2022.

On behalf of our School Governing body we invite you to come on a guided tour of the Grade R site. Strict COVID-19 measures will be in place at all times.

The 2022 admission application forms will be available on our website as from today. Click here for the enrolment form.  It will also contain a list of all the required documents that need to be attached. You are welcome to print these forms before your visit, and drop it in the box at the administration office at the Grade R site on the day of your visit, or complete, scan and e-mail it to Printed forms will however also be available at the admin office on the day of your visit.

Visits have to be pre-booked for 6,7,8,13,14 or 15 April from 14:00-15:00 daily in 15 minute intervals.

To book your visit please contact Mrs Gerda Faber : 012 0301141 or email: